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Enrofloxacin Injection

Cat and dog capacity:50ml

Liesching skin fungal spray Dogs and cats in general

brand:Elgin capacity:125ml

Warnock lomefloxacin injection

Product number:B518 Price unit:10Branch/box

Closantel Sodium Injection

Some pets capacity:50ml

Conoval Sodium star sodium injection

brand:Conoval capacity:20ml

Injection of M

Price unit:10branch/box*2ml

Pet knowledge

Teddy dog selection technique

1 Mini Type: adult shoulder height of 28 cm or more,

more than 7 pounds of body weight until more than 10 kg,

Less than 2000 yuan worth;

2 toy pet class: adult shoulder height of 28 cm or less

weight 5 kg or so value 3000

There are about female reproductive value is slightly more


3 ultra small toy pet class: adult shoulder height 23cm less……

Care and disease prevention of Teddy dog

One: should start from a small teddy bear 6 months,

brushing 2-3 times a week;

Two: do not over to the little teddy eat sweets;

Three: if the event of oral ulcers, gingival swelling and

other phenomena, can be used to warm physiological salt

Clean and wipe Iodine Glycerol or antibiotics, severe

lesions, application of antibiotic therapy;

Four: often add some vitamin B family of drugs or puppies

to supplement vitamins and vita……

Teddy dog food management

The puppy dogs to this period of growth is very important, can

influence the life of my son,

Quality of the VIP dog.

The puppy about about 6 weeks after birth was weaned.

Weaning to third months or so, feeding

Time should be set at 7 in the morning, 12 in the afternoon, 5

in the afternoon and 10 in the evening. 4 per day

Every time, not more than 20 grain food particles.

Born fourth months to eighth months, in the morning……

Knowledge of the selection of the Teddy dog

Standard: shoulder height above 15 inches (38 cm). Any of the

standard type of VIP dog

The shoulder height is equal to or less than 15 inches will be

eliminated from the competition.

Mini type: shoulder height is equal to or less than 15 inches (38

cm), higher than 10 inches (28)

Cm). Any mini type of VIP dog more than 15 inches or less than

10 inches

Inch will be eliminated from the competition.……

About UK Bless

British ders dynamic Insurance International Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991 is a professional, set R & D, production and sale of pet drugs, health care products, toiletries and other various small animals in medical high-tech company, aims to provide one-stop service assured to protect pets and small animal health. Ders has a strong team of animal medicine, each member has more than 15 years of animals in medical research experience, in entering the ders ago specifically for the pet hospital of high-quality, high efficiency, professional animal vaccines and animal drugs. Nowadays, ders have their own large-scale GMP production base, and the United States, Britain, Hong Kong and Mainland China's major universities and research institutions closely the exchange of experience, with the most advanced science and technology to provide the most efficient diagnosis and treatment solutions to the health needs of all types of pets.

BLESSPET ders to rigorous professional and……

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